The theme of the Ball will be “Indian Summer”

Summer, you old Indian Summer
You’re the tear that comes after June time’s laughter
You see so many dreams that don’t come true
Dreams we fashioned when Summertime was new
You are here to watch over
Some heart that is broken
By a word that somebody left unspoken
You’re the ghost of a romance in June going astray
Fading too soon, that’s why I say
“Farewell to you Indian Summer”

Frank Sinatra – Indian Summer Lyrics MetroLics


On ira
Où tu voudras, quand tu voudras
Et on s’aimera encore
Lorsque l’amour sera mort
Toute la vie
Sera pareille à ce matin
Aux couleurs de l’été indien

Joe Dassin – L’été indien

Dress code
Black tie
“Indian Summer”

Reception 7 pm
Dinner 8 pm
Dance 10 pm
Leaving carriages 1 am